Norway Prime Minister addresses the children

In Norway, Prime Minister Erna Solberg just held a press conference specifically for children

For half an hour, she and her team answered questions submitted by kids across the country.

She told them “it was normal to be scared but that everything would be okay.
Even if your school has been contaminated, it will go well with nearly everyone. The same with Mummy and Daddy, if they are infected,”
By being home you are helping other people not be contaminated and get sick. It is important for those who already have a disease or who are very old, Solberg said.

My thoughts :

This is great Leadership right here. Dont forget the lessons children are learning during this crucial time

Don’t allow this time to breed fear and panic. Remember children absorb our fears . So allow them to have fun whilst at home. Allow them to play games and stay up late and make fun meals.

Our reaction during this crucial period forms part of their childhood experiences and lesson. Don’t let it be a traumatic one.

Stay safe, stay blessed and be kinder to others.😇

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