How can we work together:

1. Product Reviews:  Invite me to experience your product or service. I will then share the experience with my followers.

2.  Press Trips: All travel related products and services will be considered as long as long travel costs are covered.

3.  Content Campaigns &  Guest blogging: All reviews I write will be of benefit to my followers.

4. Blog Adverts: I will link posts to your brand page at a cost which can be discussed or in the form of payment for banner adverts on my blog page.

5. Competitions : Giveaways will be charged at a cost of R500 per insert.

6. Social media marketing & Sponsored Posts: I am also available to assist with your marketing and social media strategies. My rates for this can be requested on email.

Thank you for engaging and I look forward to building working relationships with you.

Please feel free to email me:

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