HOPE SA Foundation Winter warmth drive

Hope SA Winter Warmth drive

As we approach the harsh cold winter, thousands of people and animals endure the bitterly cold months without much warmth. Every year these challenges present themselves and we rally aid to assist them.

A hungry stomach is a person going through pain and thousands of poor and unemployed people go through winter hoping for relief from the difficult times.
Hope SA Foundation distributes blankets, beanies, socks, jackets, soups and a warm meal to under-developed communities of KZN and Johannesburg. Our focus is on giving hope through difficult times and through act of kindness, they can endure the cold winter.

Wrapped in thick coats, surrounded by heaters and electricity, many of us don’t know how millions of people with little or no basics survive. As we venture out during our relief efforts and food drives, we often come across people sleeping on the pavements, under bus shelters, bridges or even boxes with nothing but their clothes.

Understanding the need for warm clothing, we have started distributing winter items.

The prices of warm clothing also increases and makes it unaffordable for thosuands of unemployed people.
Hope SA distributes these winter goodies for free to those in need.

The objective behind Hope SA Winter Warmth Drive distributions is to provide good used clothes, clean blankets and food to people in need. We distribute them to the homeless, to shelters, orphanages, old age homes, animal shelters and poor communities we feed in.

In addition to old clothes and blankets, we also distribute face masks, sanitizers and we serve food with nutritional value through our community kitchen. Thava Restaurant Norwood & other sponsors prepare hot meals & soups daily for our beneficiaries.

Join us and sponsor a days meal for 400 meals or donate groceries. Reach out to us at Hope SA Foundation : outreach@hopesa.org or WhatsApp 0793871716

Your old warm clothes, blankets, and other items can be the reason someone holds on to Hope.




Drop off boxes also at Rivonia village in JHb and other areas. Pls contact us for the nearest drop off point to you.

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