BMW 4 series: Impressive parking assistant

As cars became safer over the years, the design regulations made them quite difficult to see out of. This meant parking aids had to get clever. The camera and radar systems in the new BMW 4 Series are so advanced that we thought we might be able to park it, using nothing but the car’s own eyes and ears. It enables the driver to carry out precise maneuvers in tight spaces.

Ciro attempts to park the new BMW 4 Series without looking out the window. Will Ciro’s test end in success or a lengthy and difficult to explain insurance claim? For more info:

Park Distance Control, Surround-view and Reversing Assist camera allows the driver to enjoy a clear view in the area around your vehicle when maneuvering into parking spaces and at road exits. Park Distance Control (PDC) at the front and rear as standard allows you to park safely and comfortably thanks to optical and acoustic signals.

Surround-view shows your vehicle in the Control Display with the aid of a projection from above. The Side-view system included in this equipment option guarantees a better overview when visibility is poor at road exits. The Reversing Assist camera provides welcome support when you are reversing into parking spaces.


BMW is definitely at the forefront of introducing new innovative ways to enhance the driving experience.




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