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Greg Foot is Factomania’s adrenaline junkie, a self-proclaimed ‘Science Daredevil’, His specialties include physics and danger!

If you’re like me, intrigued to find out why two thousand strains of bacteria live in your belly button; how beer is the bedrock of civilization and how to build a hoverboard?  This programme reveals the world’s most incredible facts through explosive experiments, amazing animated tales and strange stunts.

Greg Foot loves to serve up a little risk alongside the hunt for amazing facts. Using hands-on demos and eye-catching stunts, he pushes science and himself to the limit. This is a man who has been buried alive, frozen, shot, electrocuted and even gone under the knife in the name of science… (the last one was to find out what humans taste of!)

His lust for life leads him to throw himself into the dangerous role of guinea pig for Factomania experiments, like testing out a jet engine powered buggy! Greg is a physicist and his passion is directed to understanding the bigger picture.


Thanks to the show’s hosts Dominic Byrne (Mr Curious), Fran Scott (Bold Experimentalist) and Greg Foot (Daredevil Scientist) Factomania delivers a fast-paced blend of facts, fun, experiments – and competition.

Greg has recently been recognised as one of the leading media science communicators in the UK . Having grown up in the Lake District, Greg has a passion for extreme sport and adventure . He recently trekked up to Everest Base Camp for his new live show Daredevil Labs: Everest, which explores the science of high-altitude survival and tells the story of a team of doctors and children on a scientific adventure to uncover cutting-edge medical treatments and save lives back home.

From my Q&A with Greg, here is a little insightful info:

  1. When and how did your interest in Sciences originate?

When I was a kid my Dad called me into the kitchen. He had a tub of custard powder and dipped a straw into it. Then he blew the powder out of the straw and over the flame on our oven hob. It produced a great little flame-thrower! From then I was hooked by grabbing stuff from the cupboard and doing little experiments. I was also hooked on the WHY – finding out why vinegar and bicarbonate of soda fizzed up into an erupting volcano, finding out why the sky was blue… I later discovered that asking questions and working out the answers is ‘Science’ so I followed that through school and into university

  1. What are some of the stand out experiments/questions from this series?

We’ve got everything from unleashing a huge chip pan fire to making a *giant* cloud, but the one that stands out for me is when I drove a go-kart with a huge pulse-jet strapped to the back! Not only was the build really temperamental, but I also had a big tank of petrol next to my head, and we didn’t know if it’d burn out. That was a nerve-wracking but awesome stunt. We also made a fire tornado that towered over the farm, and, two words, “Quantum Levitation”. You’ll have to watch to see what that is! 

  1. Is there a common thread amongst us humans…What is the most asked question to prove?

Ooh, good question. People ask a lot of questions related to them – so I think the common theme is ME. Things like ‘Why do I have eyebrows?’ ‘Why do I yawn?’, and people love the gross questions too like ‘Why do farts smell?’! A really common question is ‘What is déjà vu?’ which we answer in the series. That and the tricky ones about consciousness!

The brand new series premieres exclusively on BBC Knowledge on Thursday the 3rd April at 22.00

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