How safe is your Car at a Panelshop


A friend recently had his car sent to a reputable Panelshop in Wynberg, to have his 2 doors repaired. The insurer: MiWay, uses this panelshop as they guarantee their workmanship. His ordeal started when he recieved no feedback from this company in 3long weeks. Every attempt to call them was in vain. Thats no customer service at its best. After going to their premises and insisting on getting his car back, he fecthes it on a public holiday and the worst part is: His Gear knob is switched, well basically stolen and replaced with an old,scratched used one. The shoddy workmanship on the car is not 100% and a month later Miway is still “sorting” it out. The Manager of the panelshop, was confrontational and hostile when he was told about the gearknob being switched. After many calls, he replaced the gear knob and the car battery which they killed…but the workmanship is still not honored. My advise to you: check your car parts and accessories, and choose your insurer wisely after research.

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