You are not alone

Somedays I have struggled. Yes I have been there.

When the nights seem heavy and the mornings feel gloomy and all you can think about is how alone you are… I have been there.

My message to you is simple. Do not give in to those self pity and negative self talk. They are ever ready to find comfort in your mind and leave you feeling hopeless.

Once you realise that this mind should not control you, you will learn to give it instructions. Become the master of this mind.

I promise you,  you and I were never meant to walk alone in this life.

If only you reach out and  talk to loved ones, friends, family or even a stranger, you will find a comforting soul who makes your world just a little more brighter. ignore the judgmental ones, for they know not better.

I am grateful to the people who reached out to me on Facebook and twitter, just by sharing a beautiful message, and just by asking how I am. We do  have angels amongst us. You and I are not isolated and alone.  There are a million other people feeling the same and if we all leave the comfort of misery , can you imagine how much more happier this world will be.

You are as alone as You choose to be.  There is Hope in every breath. There is love in every day. There is Faith when you know you are Gods child.

Reach Out. Everything is going to be OK.

Reach Out.  I am Here .

Reach Out
Art by Sam Ebohon



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